New breed of Gillette ads, post Woods and Henry

You’ve let yourselves down, your sport down, and most importantly you’ve let Gillette down is a sentence that has probably just been written for the very first time, but it’s interesting all the same to see the new breed of Gillette Fusion Adverts now on air, post Henry and Woods.

I actually think it is a good ad as well, being a consumer of the product. My ex-boss once asked me how many times I use my Gillette razor before replacing it, and let’s just say that I changed it considerably more frequently than he does, making me a better customer for Gillette.

I am guessing that this advert was aimed at people who kept using their Gillette razor until it was blunter than piece of Jim Davidson stand-up, and assuming I have understood the initial brief properly then I think likening the razor to a car-part is a clever one that really communicates the need to replace blunt blades more often.

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