Tool station TV ad

I have just seen the most annoying advert that 2010 has vomited onto my television screen to date.

It’s for a company called Tool Station, and as far as I could gather they sell all manner of tools to the consumer and probably the trade as well. It’s when adverts such as this come along that I realise that I can’t understand as much about advertising as I thought, because I was left asking myself “who would buy from that company after being subjected to such a cringe worthy ad?”

It was like a Mary Poppins piss-take that I fear even Dick Van Dyke would have drawn the line at. Truly scrumptious, or truly awful; you decide:

I thought that a good video advertisement should entertain first, then inform whilst the afore mentioned entertainment was taking place. This horrendous sing-along numbed the senses so much that it couldn’t be deemed as entertainment, and in our state of shock, my wife and I were unable to take in the stream of information that was doubtless knocking on my conscious minds door.

I remember that they are called Tool Station, and that they patronise in spades. No how can that make me want to buy tools from them?

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