Renault TV branded content site: Can it work?

I stumbled upon Renault TV today, which you can see here:

I think the quality of video is high, and that the site looks nice, but my worry is that too few people will care enough to visit an entire site which is essentially made by Renault, about Renault. I think branded content works best if placed in a relevant environment for the user to discover.

For instance, we ran a campaign with BMW for the GT5. It was on as well as YouTube and various other locations. The content was lightly branded, and the content was all about ‘firsts’ which was interesting to our viewers. See one of the BMW videos here:

With Renault TV, the content seems to offer little else than news and info about Renault, which I fear may have limited consumer appeal.

I’d love to hear from people working in branded content about this site, and to hear your thoughts.



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2 responses to “Renault TV branded content site: Can it work?

  1. Kirsty Clegg

    Hello, my name is Kirsty Clegg and I am a 3rd year Advertising & Marketing Communications student from Bournemouth University. I need to recruit consumers who show a vested interest in the following areas; online advertising, Coca – Cola online, Branded Content and online power of consumer.
    Consequently these are the search terms I used to find your blog and am therefore keen to talk to you. This research is for my dissertation and so imperative to my degree.
    Firstly, if you would be interested in airing your opinions about said areas please take a couple of minutes to fill out this questionnaire ( simply to determine if your demographics fit with my research.
    I would be incredibly grateful if you can take the time out to help with this, feel free to find me through my wordpress (
    Yours sincerely,

    Kirsty Clegg

  2. Thanks for your note, Kirsty.

    I’ve filled in your questionnaire and if I can help you with anything, I will. Let me know.

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