Apple iPad review. Will it be good for online video?

So the Apple iPad is here.

I think if this product takes off as most Apple products tend to, this could really help increase video consumption. I can just imagine sitting in my living room, while my wife watches one of the plethora of tedious reality shows that she’s obsessed with, while I am watching videos on my iPad …. I get to sit in the same room without being bored to tears.

 Here’s a wacky review I found on YouTube:

People say the iPad is just a big iPhone, and I started out with a similar view, but actually I can see the benefit of having something bigger to watch video on, wherever you want. If you were to go on a long journey for instance, the experience would doubtless be better on the iPad.

Pre-rolls will look great on that screen, which will make advertisers happy for sure.

After my initial scepticism I actually think that this thing could take off, and that it will be a blessing for us working in online video advertising.

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