Red Bull YouTube channel – a blueprint for all brands?

I love what Red Bull have done with their YouTube channel, and if the stats are to be believed, I am far from the only one!

There have been over 850,000 channel plays and a staggering 41m total uploaded views!!!

All really entertaining, professionally produced content, and branded in a way that is both heavy yet somehow unobtrusive.

It’s unobtrusive because it feels like it should be there. Rally cars for instance are always boot to bonnet full of branding, so having a car plastered in Red Bull branding just feels right.

It’s the perfect trade-off. Entertaining content that the user wants to watch, with great ‘on brand’ advertising for Red Bull.

Love it!



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3 responses to “Red Bull YouTube channel – a blueprint for all brands?

  1. Absolutely agree Mike. It’s a brand who have always captured the zeitgeist of ‘branded content’. From employing campus ambassadors to trying to buy a radio campaign with no schedule (Another story in itself!) Harry Drnek took what could have been a very unsavoury brand and turned it into a cult and then a mainstream product – man’s a genius. I mean he made us all drink god awful Sol beer in 1988 by making us put a line in the top!!

  2. Anna

    Would you happen to know who Red bull uses for their video streaming on their official website right now?

    Thank you!

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