Great example of branded content with Dom Joly and Volvo

Volvo wanted to communicate the fuel efficiency of the Volvo v70, and I think Channel Flip have put together a really nice solution that sees Dom Joly and Rufus Hound ‘attempt’ to take the car from Marlow to Milan on one tank of petrol.

It’s a really interesting way to communicate what is a fairly dry subject.

I think branded content has to play a far bigger role in the evolution of the web. With publishers and broadcasters looking for ways to better monetise their sites, and advertisers looking for non-disruptive ways to engage the huge audiences that can be found on these sites, then surely branded content is a win-win situation.

At TMG we have run several successful branded content campaigns, and I am really keen to work on more this year. They allow us to create interesting content, that also communicates the brands message, with no need to use disruptive advertising formats like pre-roll.

If anyone else has examples of great branded content, please post the link in the comments box below.

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