A time-based model for online advertising is here!

Unanimis, the premium ad network, are to launch a new ad model that will see brands pay for advertising based not on impressions, but on time spent with the campaign.

I have long since been banging on about the importance of dwell time, and so I’m very excited about this news.

Publishers at the moment are remunerated for the number of page impressions they can generate, irrespective of how long that page impression lasts. I would argue that 10m page impressions that last no more than 2 seconds each are practically worthless, and I would far rather have 10,000 page impressions that lasted a few minutes each.

A time-based model would encourage publishers to create more ‘sticky’ content, which would in turn encourage brands to spend more money on digital. Time and again on Telegraph.co.uk we see really strong results for campaigns that roadblock our video channels for the following reasons:

1. The audience is right for the brand

2. The environment is contextually relevant to the campaign

3. The 100% share of voice means the brand in questions has stand-out

4. The dwell time on these pages is usually around 4 minutes.

If we are collectively going to convince brands to follow consumers online in a big way, we are absolutely going to have to provide audiences and environments that keep the user in one place for longer than a few seconds.

I hope Unanimis have success in bringing this ad model to market, and that more brands, networks, agencies and publishers follow suit.


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