Live video streaming case study

Live video case study

At Telegraph Media Group, we recently embarked on our first real foray into live video streaming.

The video in question was Tony Blair giving evidence to the Chilcot enquiry about the Iraq war.

We used Quick TV to make that live video interactive, with a poll embedded into the player which enabled the user to vote on how credible they considered Tony Blair’s evidence to be.

If the nation were mostly voting for it to be credible the bar would become mostly green. If the nation were mostly thinking that he was telling porkies, then the bar would be mostly red. This was all voting and streaming in real time, with real time results.

The evidence was streamed on from about 10am until 4pm with a break for lunch, and we had over 120,000 page views in the time, with the average dwell time on the page being over five minutes!

There were over 240,000 votes cast in that time.

An encouraging introduction to live streaming!

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