If you had doubts about video and mobile; follow Google!

Google are a huge media player in anybody’s book, and they don’t get an awful lot wrong. Their brand name has become a worldwide adjective within 12 years which is an amazing feat! You Google now, not search, just like for decades people have Hoovered, not vacuumed.

If any marketers out there wanted to be convinced that video advertising (and mobile) are the bright future of us all, then just look at how Google have changed their business from a hugely successful fixed internet search company to what they are today.

A few years ago they bought YouTube, which is the biggest video site on the planet. This year they created their first video advert, which was beautiful, and it ran on TV and YouTube.

Google have recognised the growing importance that the video will play in the evolution of the web, and they invested to be a part of that.

Video combines the persuasive powers of sight, sound and motion. It is the medium that most closely resembles the way that people experience everyday life, and so after a carefully planned shoot and a cleverly executed edit, it becomes the most persuasive medium that brands can employ.

Five years ago, this power was the mostly harnessed only by TV and cinema advertising, but the explosion of video online has changed all of that.

Anyway, back to Google and their strategy. YouTube is now optimised for mobile, and they have announced this year that everything they do from now on is with mobile in mind first. Eric Schmidt, their CEO, famously said “We can make more money in mobile than desktop eventually. The reason is because the mobile computer is more targeted. Think about it. You carry your phone everywhere; it knows all about you. We can do a very, very targeted ad. Over time, we will make more money from mobile advertising”

Over time, we will make more money from mobile advertising.

That’s a massive shout, and a clarion call for anybody who was thinking that mobile isn’t important yet. Mobile is happening right now, and it’s getting bigger by the day.

40% of iPhone users already access the internet on their mobile more than the fixed internet, and as smart phone penetration continues to rise and as the network speeds increase, the mobile internet is certain to explode further still.

Google are so confident of this that they have heavily invested in mobile, with the Android operating system. Video and mobile are vital to any marketer, and Google believe that video ON mobile will also be huge in the not to distant future.

Video and mobile are here today, and they are big. Tomorrow they will be bigger, so I really believe that their importance needs to be fully researched, understood and implemented more fully by every brand that has designs on growth.


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