The iPhone 4 is video-tastic baby!

Imagine you’re at a party. Your iPhone 4 shoots 720 HD video, and you are shooting everything baby. I mean, everything. Then, in the taxi on the way home you edit out the bits that will cause the most embarrassment to the party’s guests (saving those clips for potential future bribe material) and then the finished video is uploaded onto Facebook before your head hits the pillow.

Sites like Facebook and YouTube had better make sure their servers have space. Lot’s of space. This handset is going to turn serial photographers into videographers very quickly.

The iPhone 4 also offers consumers what looked like very good quality video calling, which may or may not take off. Video calling has been available for a while, and hasn’t taken off, but if the networks can speed up sufficiently and handsets can offer a good user experience then who knows where this could take us?


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