Bill Gash appointed chair of the IAB Video Council

Bill Gash was last week appointed chair of the IAB Video Council, and replaces the current chair, Rob Black, with immediate effect.

I’d like to personally thank Rob for all his dedication and effort over the past two years, and wish Bill all the best in the role. I am sure Bill will bring tenacity, knowledge and enthusiasm to this key role.

Press release form IAB:

The IAB’s video council has elected Ooyala’s regional sales director, Bill Gash as chair of the council for the next 12 months. Chosen due to his extensive online video experience as well as his drive and enthusiasm to push the council forward, Gash will lead the monthly meetings, manage future council initiatives and work with the council to promote best practice amongst the industry.

The core objective on the council’s agenda is to educate and excite advertisers, agencies and publishers on the role of online video advertising. In the last 12 months the council have completed various important initiatives such as the VAST 2.0 (Video Ad Serving Template) standard in the UK. At the beginning of the year the council partnered with Sky on effectiveness research and hosted its first conference as well as participating in a number of influential industry events.

Gash has put forward his plan for the next 12 months, with a view to create further cross council collaborations, promote best practice as well as working to drive better ROI for the industry. He also plans to bring VPAID (Digital Video Player Ad-Interface Definition) to the UK and to continue to release educational resources in the form of guidelines, events and publications. The council is hosting a buyer v seller video debate on 28th July as well as releasing a video buyer’s guide later this year to educate the industry further.

The video council is one of the IAB’s working groups consisting of broadcasters, publishers, technology providers and media and creative agencies.  An IAB working group for video has existed for almost five years, but it became a permanent council in 2008 led by outgoing chair Robert Black of EyeWonder.

Gash is currently regional sales director for video technology and analytics, Ooyala. Prior to this he worked as a consultant for video and server technology provider Videoplaza. His experience with online video stretches back to 2004 when he led Entriq’s first forays into the UK.

Bill Gash, regional sales director, Ooyala said: ‘As chair of a council I’m serving what must be the most exciting sector of our industry. As access to video across more devices escalates and usage continues to ramp up, the IAB’s video council will be doing even more to better support marketers looking to invest in this thrilling medium. The next 12 months are critical for the industry, and our main priority remains helping advertisers and agencies understand that video should be at the top of their digital agenda.

Jack Wallington, head of industry programmes, IAB said: ““Despite the buzz in the industry about the potential of online video, in order for the discipline to grow we need to work hard as an industry to develop with the technologies, understand our audiences and ensure brands get optimum return on investment.  The launch of UKOM’s video product in the coming months will be a significant step in the life cycle of online video, but the IAB Council is also charged with further educating marketers and promoting the very best practice to keep this industry robust.  We’re looking forward to working with Bill to remain relentless in our quest to help advertisers get the most out of video marketing, to make the UK the leading market for online video creativity and set the standard the world over.”

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