It’s time for media choice to rule advertising creative?

For as long as I have been in media (a long time) it has been so that clients will tend to brief the creative agency, who will create something wonderful and then pass it to the media agency who’s job it is to fit those creative assets into the best media spaces possible.

In the world where media is so rich in choice, and audiences are more fragmented than ever before, surely it is time for the media agency to dictate to the creative agency which creative formats are required, based on how they need to reach the audience that the client wants to target?

I had a situation just the other day where I was talking to an agency that only had one creative format to work with, and it meant that a cracking targeting opportunity that we could have offered was turned down. I believe the idea was the right solution for the client, but the media agency simply didn’t have the tools to follow through.

I may be letting common sense run away with me here, but surely the most important thing to the client is to target the right audience, with the right message, at the right time? If that is the case it makes perfect sense to me that the media agency should present the client with a plan that reaches the right people at the right time, and then the client asks the creative agency to come up with a big idea that works across the necessary platforms.

Anybody agree with me?

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One response to “It’s time for media choice to rule advertising creative?

  1. Agree. Sometimes I get tired of working the other way around.

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