IAB Summer of Video thoughts …

Congratulations to Tim Hussain from Sky and Oliver Newton from Starcom, who both put forward very convincing arguments at yesterday’s IAB Summer of Video event.

There was a very interesting exchange around whether the best online TV ads were re-purposed TV ads or not. I thought Oli argued very well for a more interactive, bespoke ad unit and then Tim came back with the financial imperatives of using an advert that was already made, as opposed to spending more money on creative and therefore less on media. For the mass market, I agree that a short pre-roll – which is a cut-down of the longer TV advert works, as long as the publishers don’t run too many before the content. It enables a uniformity of message across multiple platforms, and as Tim very eloquently pointed out at yesterday’s buyer v seller debate, it means that clients aren’t having to spend too much of our media money on creative! :o)

However, as I have said countless times before on this blog I think the strongest video offering in the digital space is branded content. It takes the brand from a position where they are advertising around other people’s content, to actually being the content. All eyes are focused on the brand!

Branded content allows the user to start watching immediately (no pre-roll) and assuming the content was done well, it keeps the user engaged for longer than any pre-roll will ever do and Mediacom recently carried out some research that proved that brand recall was improved in direct correlation to the length of time the consumer was watching a video / exposed to the brand.

I have been involved in many many branded content deals that have worked very well but Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts always stands out for me though.

The hotel group were advertising because they wanted to raise awareness of their concierge service and achieve cut through in a competitive market. They also believed that staying in an Intercontinental Hotel would enhance your travel experience.

At TMG we responded to the brief by shooting four video city guides. The Telegraph.co.uk audience love to travel, and so the ‘insider guide’ videos to London, Paris, Cyprus and Madrid were likely to be well received.

Each video started with the presenter  arriving at the hotel, and checking in. She then met with the concierge who told her about some interesting things she could do while in Paris which were beyond the obvious, and this is what made the video useful and interesting to the viewer.

She then went and visited the places the concierge recommended, only making the occasion reference to the concierge and IHG.

Market Evolution carried out some pre-campaign research, and then post-campaign research to see how the video content had worked.

There was a 120% uplift in awareness of the Intercontinental Hotels concierge service after seeing the campaign. There was a 200% uplift in the thought that ICH would enrich a viewers travel experience and a an 80% uplift in those who agreed that ICH offered a superior service.

Making really interesting, useful or even humorous video is in my eyes the best way to get an in-depth connection with the consumer, but I think for reach and from an economics point of view, a 10 second pre-roll is the best way for now.

Any thoughts on this? Please feel free to leave a comment.


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