BUPA using customised TV creative for VoD

I have always found the idea of measuring a pre-roll campaign’s success on the click through rate a curious one.

While I totally accept that it is difficult to measure them in any other way, and therefore reverting to the standard measurement that standard display uses makes sense from that point of view, but it is essentially counter-intuitive to expect a consumer to click to play a video and then click on a pre-roll before they have watched said video.

The other massive barrier to the likelihood of a click, was that most pre-roll creative is essentially TV creative with no call to action.

Interesting then to see BUPA advertising on Horse & Country with and end frame that calls the user to “click here” and not only in a text command, but with the ad voiceover as well.

At least BUPA are trying to solicit a click, even though I still believe the pre-roll to be a branding medium.



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4 responses to “BUPA using customised TV creative for VoD

  1. Advertising is easy…getting people to respond to the message is the challenge and measuring the success of something like a pre-roll message is a mystery at best.

    I guess if it is all said and done, I agree with you in that the pre-roll is best used to establish brand and not be there to solicit the click.

    • Thanks for the reply.

      I agree that getting people to respond to the message is a challenge. I also don’t believe that direct response is the right type of advertising in the majority of cases.

      Direct Response advertising might help executives to justify spend and results, but on goods like FMCG’s to cars, the likelyhood of your message reaching somebody whowants to find out more at that precise second is remote at best.

      For me it is about getting the right brand message in front of the right people, and then measuring sales in the period afterwards. That’s just me though 🙂

  2. 🙂 Makes too much sense.

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