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Calling all police officers on duty at Hillsborough on 15.04.1989

the Hillsborough Disaster

There were a great many junior officers on duty that day that did a fantastic job, without senior supervision, to try and help those who were trapped and dying in the Leppings Lane terraces.

Recent documentaries, in the light of the Hillsborough Independent Panel, have seen PC’s come forward and tell their side of the story.

It seems that no matter what depths senior officers were willing to sink, that there are a great number of more junior officers who were, honest, who tried their best and who were horrified at the way their statements were amended to remove any criticism of the police.

I would be forever grateful, if one such hero of the day would step forward and help me tell the story about the real truth of Hillsborough?

The first part of the 3-part documentary is online here:

Please help me unravel this horrendous cover-up. My email…

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UK wet summer set to continue

UK wet summer set to continue.

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Amusing branded Halloween video from Axe

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T-Mobile Parking Ticket

T-Mobile have done it again with another highly entertaining piece of video!

I came across this within an expandable super-banner on the front page of I launched it and wanted to share it with the world which is where this campaign fell down a bit for me, because although it was in a YouTube player and on (albeit within an ad-unit) I couldn’t find a way to share it directly out of the advert.

I went to the trouble of searching for it afterwards because I work in online & mobile video, but how many sharing opportunities were lost from the casual viewer? I’d say a fair few, and it’s ironic really consider T-Mobile tell us that ‘Life’s for sharing’

Great video though, really enjoyed it!

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Very clever video/social campaign from Peugeot

To win a week with their favourite Peugeot car, users were asked to click and hold onto the car for longer than anybody else. Video meets social meets the human need to compete!

Users could see how other people were doing, and while they ‘held on’ they were subjected to a plethora of facts, figures and sales story from Peugeot.

Very clever, and succesful campaign – love it!

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Ian Carrington from Google, talking about mobile growth (video)

14% of all Google searches are from mobile devices and other cool stuff, including Google Translate.

Ian Carrington gave this presentation at IAB Engage for Mobile earlier this year.

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Video increases engagement, which can improve your sites Google search ranking

Online video is the fastest growing advertising medium right now, and the time spent watching video online by consumers has never been higher.

Publishers have known for a while that having premium video content on their site has enabled them to make more revenue through advertising, but what many publishers maybe don’t realise is that having engaging video content on your site can actually improve your Google page ranking.

Rather than me tell you, listen to SEO expert, Bruce Clay in this video.

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Great branded content video from Nike – old, but worth another look

Nike have a great knack of producing great video stories, with their brand at the center, and this video is no different.

I love the Rooney misplaced pass in the final minute that leads to his thoughts of being vilified, before putting in the extra effort to win it back and his thoughts then immediately starts leaning towards his expected hero status!

I am only surprised that the YouTube views don’t seem to have climbed into the millions!

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Online video advertising research missing the point?

TubeMogul Finds That Most Viewers Never See Pre-Roll Video Ads

The above headline from Reel SEO, and the research it introduces from Tube Mogul, is of almost no value to anybody as far as I can see. It seems to be judging a sites video performance based on the homepage alone, and as I will explain below this is rarely the page where most of the video views occur.

I spent three years working with online video on one of the biggest UK newspaper websites, and we realised fairly soon after launching video that placing it on the homepage is not the answer to generating significant video views. As a result, video rarely featured on the homepage thereafter, and so the percentage of viewers watching video on that one page will of course be low. Apart from that, the percentage is of little interest to any advertiser because they would be buying video advertising on a cost per thousand video plays basis, not on the number of unique users that visited any given page.

The homepage is often a more fleeting stepping-stone to multiple article pages. It contains the top news of the day in brief, with links to the in-depth stories elsewhere. So the user lands on the homepage, decides which stories they wish to read, and then clicks to an article page containing that story. From experience, I know that video will get many more plays if it is relevant, and embedded into an article than it ever will on the homepage. It is also worth noting that a fairly small percentage of the newspaper sites overall traffic comes to the site via the homepage, and that Google often takes users directly to the article the user is interested in.

The newspaper site I worked on achieved many millions of video views with this ‘article page’ strategy, and very few of them relied on a home page position, so I would suggest that knowing the percentage of homepage visitors that watched video is of little or no use to advertisers and their agents.

The Take Away on Reel SEO reads:

“… So you blow loads of cash on video creative and trying to get your pre-roll ads into the pre-roll mix on the site that has the full-length episodes whether it be a broadcaster or whatever. You put all your money into that campaign and get a really low ROI and can’t figure out what happened. It’s simple. Not as many people saw those videos as you were hoping even though you pushed out perhaps millions of impressions.”

The line that reads ‘…not as many people saw those videos as you were hoping’ demonstrates to me that the author doesn’t understand how pre-roll advertising is traded.

A buyer will buy a number of video plays, and pay a cost per thousand plays to achieve that goal. They will then often third-party track their campaign to ensure that the booked number of impressions is delivered.

No buyer that I have encountered in the many years I have been working in online video advertising has ever paid based on the number of unique users on the site/ homepage, and so this statement appears to be wholly incorrect.

I’d love to hear your views, using the comments on this blog!

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Funny ‘doggy dentures’ video ad from Pedigree

This ad made me laugh the first time I saw it, and still does! Very good.

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