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Social Eyes allows video chat within Facebook

Video chat is nothing new. The Real Player, Google Talk, Chat Roulette, Face Time on the iPhone 4 and even the very first 3 mobile phones allowed video chat. None of these services have exactly set the world on fire, so at first glance it is easy to see why the naysayers are declaring that Social Eyes will not amount too much.

Social Eyes is a new company, founded by Rob Glaser, the founder of Real Networks, and it allows a very simple integration with your Facebook profile. There is no software download, and signing up literally takes 20 seconds. Simply go to socialeyes.com and press ‘connect with Facebook’
As with all video chat services, Social Eyes requires that friends are on the same platform at the same time in order for the opportunity to chat to present itself. That is where this service will have the biggest advantage for me, because millions of people spend hours a week on Facebook, and so the chance of friends being online at the same time is considerable. You only have to look at how many opportunities there are to text chat with friends online in Facebook to realise that the opportunity is considerable.

The biggest problem with video chat, is that you couldn’t really use it at work. Talking to your PC is probably frowned upon in the workplace, but evening chat at home over a wireless network could well take off. It’s a bit like merging Skype into the huge dwell time platform that is Facebook.

I think it has a really good chance of being the first main stream chat service. All Social Eyes need to do now is work out how to monetise it! If they could build scale, maybe a 10 second pre-roll before each chat session might work. Or maybe in stream banners similar to YouTube.

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Facebook drives nearly 10% of all video referrals

According to a Q3 report by Brightcove and Tube Mogul Facebook is now the second-largest referer of video views with 9.6% of all video referrals measured coming from the social media giant. Google remains the largest.

The data measured came from an anonymous, cross-section sample of Brightcove customers representing media industry verticals.

Here are some other interesting snap-shots to come out of their report:

Wednesday is the peak day for video views when looking at all videos. The weekend, while lower in total number of plays, had a greater level of engagement per view. The weekend delivers less views, but those watching are doing so for longer.

Newspapers saw significant growth in the number of titles uploaded (51% growth) and surpassed broadcasters in total minutes for the first time this quarter with 313 million minutes streamed, compared to 290 million for broadcasters.

Brands experience higher rates of engagement when referrals come from Twitter, and Newspapers experienced a higher level of engagement when the referral came from Google.

You can download the report in full by clicking on the link above.

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The iPhone 4 is video-tastic baby!

Imagine you’re at a party. Your iPhone 4 shoots 720 HD video, and you are shooting everything baby. I mean, everything. Then, in the taxi on the way home you edit out the bits that will cause the most embarrassment to the party’s guests (saving those clips for potential future bribe material) and then the finished video is uploaded onto Facebook before your head hits the pillow.

Sites like Facebook and YouTube had better make sure their servers have space. Lot’s of space. This handset is going to turn serial photographers into videographers very quickly.

The iPhone 4 also offers consumers what looked like very good quality video calling, which may or may not take off. Video calling has been available for a while, and hasn’t taken off, but if the networks can speed up sufficiently and handsets can offer a good user experience then who knows where this could take us?

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