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Jack Black stars in great Orange video advert

I took my daughter to see Gulliver’s Travels at the cinema today, and apart from being an excellent film that I would highly recommend to anybody, something really stood out for me on a professional level.

Before the main feature, Jack Black (the star of the film) appeared in a spoof Gulliver’s Travels trailer that turned into an advert for Orange.

I thought this was a great It was a great use of video on the silver screen, and although I am sure Orange have used this creative many times, and not just before Gulliver’s Travels, it really worked on this day.

My daughter said “Daddy has it started?” and she wasn’t the only one wondering if the film had skipped the titles and ploughed straight into the action!

The difference in impact between this Gulliver creative and every other advert on-screen was immense.


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