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Amusing branded Halloween video from Axe


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Funny video: Brands could be laughing all the way to the bank

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The sharing power of social media is never used more than when it is used to share funny content. Funny or weird, but if you think of the last ten links that you were sent from friends, I would be willing to bet that a high proportion of them were sent because the sender thought they were funny?

The trick is of course, to make your content funny. I mean really funny. Phillips recently invested in a comedy series of videos called Nigel & Victoria. It wasn’t laugh out loud funny, but it was good and maybe a brand buoyed by the success of this project might be braver in the next project, and next time maybe the boundaries will be pushed further in the pursuit of ‘laugh out loud’ video.

The cost of creating video has never been lower. If a brand put the effort into finding the next comedy format or talent, they could launch millions of views and maybe even the career of stars of the future. The cost of creating the video, which in turn would give them a platform to carry their advertising, would surely be lower than the media cost if it was done well?

I realise of course that the road between planning funny video and actually creating funny video is a winding one,  but surely it is still a road worth trying for the right brands? I am no psychologist, but I know the feel good factor that funny video can create. Advertising around that feel-good factor has to be valuable, does it not?

As I said, I would love to hear your comments on this idea so please leave a comment!


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