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T-Mobile Parking Ticket

T-Mobile have done it again with another highly entertaining piece of video!

I came across this within an expandable super-banner on the front page of YouTube.com. I launched it and wanted to share it with the world which is where this campaign fell down a bit for me, because although it was in a YouTube player and on YouTube.com (albeit within an ad-unit) I couldn’t find a way to share it directly out of the advert.

I went to the trouble of searching for it afterwards because I work in online & mobile video, but how many sharing opportunities were lost from the casual viewer? I’d say a fair few, and it’s ironic really consider T-Mobile tell us that ‘Life’s for sharing’

Great video though, really enjoyed it!


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T-Mobile ‘Hey Jude’ sing-along

Although it’s nearly a year old, this remains one of the best examples of viral video that I have seen.

It has amassed over 2,000,000 plays on YouTube to date because it is a highly entertaining peice of video, and I think it gets across the single message for T-Mobile that ‘Life’s for Sharing’ brilliantly.

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