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Mobile video research

Interesting, but not surprising results.

Mobile video is a huge opportunity for brands to connect with consumers, but the network speeds and reliability have to improve considerably before it can be properly utilised.

Until networks can offer this, I think app publishers should look at ways to offer the user the chance to download the video they want to the phones memory, while they have wireless coverage, or overnight when the network is less busy. That way the play back experience will be excellent, as will the advertising opportunity.



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Short film shot on a Nokia N8 phone, amazing!

I have just watched a short film which was directed by Thomas Hilland, and I can scarcely believe that it was shot on the new Nokia N8 mobile phone.

I’m amazed, have a look … be sure to set the player to HD though!


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Royal Opera House; fantastic use of video!

This is such an unexpected and clever way to use video.

The Royal Opera House have commissioned a web series, shot in the style of Jerry Springer called Danny Knows Best.

The guests on the show have their usual sorry tales to tell, but when you are lured by the chance to watch the uncensored version it takes you to the Royal Opera House site, and explains that the theme tune from Danny Knows Best is actually La donna è mobile from Rigoletto and that the stories on the chat show spoof are actually the stories from Opera.

What a wonderful way to make the opera feel more relevant to a wider audience.


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Funny video: Brands could be laughing all the way to the bank

I would like to hear your comments on this post, so please do take the time to let me know your thoughts.

The sharing power of social media is never used more than when it is used to share funny content. Funny or weird, but if you think of the last ten links that you were sent from friends, I would be willing to bet that a high proportion of them were sent because the sender thought they were funny?

The trick is of course, to make your content funny. I mean really funny. Phillips recently invested in a comedy series of videos called Nigel & Victoria. It wasn’t laugh out loud funny, but it was good and maybe a brand buoyed by the success of this project might be braver in the next project, and next time maybe the boundaries will be pushed further in the pursuit of ‘laugh out loud’ video.

The cost of creating video has never been lower. If a brand put the effort into finding the next comedy format or talent, they could launch millions of views and maybe even the career of stars of the future. The cost of creating the video, which in turn would give them a platform to carry their advertising, would surely be lower than the media cost if it was done well?

I realise of course that the road between planning funny video and actually creating funny video is a winding one,  but surely it is still a road worth trying for the right brands? I am no psychologist, but I know the feel good factor that funny video can create. Advertising around that feel-good factor has to be valuable, does it not?

As I said, I would love to hear your comments on this idea so please leave a comment!


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IAB Summer of Video thoughts …

Congratulations to Tim Hussain from Sky and Oliver Newton from Starcom, who both put forward very convincing arguments at yesterday’s IAB Summer of Video event.

There was a very interesting exchange around whether the best online TV ads were re-purposed TV ads or not. I thought Oli argued very well for a more interactive, bespoke ad unit and then Tim came back with the financial imperatives of using an advert that was already made, as opposed to spending more money on creative and therefore less on media. For the mass market, I agree that a short pre-roll – which is a cut-down of the longer TV advert works, as long as the publishers don’t run too many before the content. It enables a uniformity of message across multiple platforms, and as Tim very eloquently pointed out at yesterday’s buyer v seller debate, it means that clients aren’t having to spend too much of our media money on creative! :o)

However, as I have said countless times before on this blog I think the strongest video offering in the digital space is branded content. It takes the brand from a position where they are advertising around other people’s content, to actually being the content. All eyes are focused on the brand!

Branded content allows the user to start watching immediately (no pre-roll) and assuming the content was done well, it keeps the user engaged for longer than any pre-roll will ever do and Mediacom recently carried out some research that proved that brand recall was improved in direct correlation to the length of time the consumer was watching a video / exposed to the brand.

I have been involved in many many branded content deals that have worked very well but Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts always stands out for me though.

The hotel group were advertising because they wanted to raise awareness of their concierge service and achieve cut through in a competitive market. They also believed that staying in an Intercontinental Hotel would enhance your travel experience.

At TMG we responded to the brief by shooting four video city guides. The Telegraph.co.uk audience love to travel, and so the ‘insider guide’ videos to London, Paris, Cyprus and Madrid were likely to be well received.

Each video started with the presenter  arriving at the hotel, and checking in. She then met with the concierge who told her about some interesting things she could do while in Paris which were beyond the obvious, and this is what made the video useful and interesting to the viewer.

She then went and visited the places the concierge recommended, only making the occasion reference to the concierge and IHG.

Market Evolution carried out some pre-campaign research, and then post-campaign research to see how the video content had worked.

There was a 120% uplift in awareness of the Intercontinental Hotels concierge service after seeing the campaign. There was a 200% uplift in the thought that ICH would enrich a viewers travel experience and a an 80% uplift in those who agreed that ICH offered a superior service.

Making really interesting, useful or even humorous video is in my eyes the best way to get an in-depth connection with the consumer, but I think for reach and from an economics point of view, a 10 second pre-roll is the best way for now.

Any thoughts on this? Please feel free to leave a comment.

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King of Shaves launch a sexy ‘viral’ (video)

As a red blooded male this King of Shaves video is very easy on the eye, but I fail to see any part of the advert which promoted a selling point.

If it was shot purely to raise awareness – and if it does indeed go viral – then it will have done its job. Other than that, it doesn’t really show or sell me anything.

It reminds me very much of the cinema advert that Kylie starred in a few years ago for Agent Provocateur lingerie, but all the flesh and thrashing about from Kylie led to an invitation for the gentlemen to stand, and when they couldn’t manage it we assumed that the red hot lingerie had achieved the desired effect.

I don’t see any of that in this video. For old times sake, I have embedded Kylie below.

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Rory Sutherland TED speech (video) – excellent!

I love this TED speech from Rory Sutherland.

Diamond Shreddies, hillarious!

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