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Mobile video research

Interesting, but not surprising results.

Mobile video is a huge opportunity for brands to connect with consumers, but the network speeds and reliability have to improve considerably before it can be properly utilised.

Until networks can offer this, I think app publishers should look at ways to offer the user the chance to download the video they want to the phones memory, while they have wireless coverage, or overnight when the network is less busy. That way the play back experience will be excellent, as will the advertising opportunity.



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It’s so funny, how we don’t click anymore…

It’s not actually funny at all, but it was the first title that came into my head when I thought about the recent ComScore research that showed only 16% of internet users clicked on a single ad during March 2009. That is down from 32% two years earlier.

So is it time to stop analysing CTR’s so religiously, and for the industry to adopt new ways to measure the relative success or failure of online campaigns? I believe the answer is a resounding yes, and in the case of video pre-roll advertising, it should have never been measured that way in the first place.

So ComScore set out to see if display and video advertising had any tangible benefits beyond the click. They used a test and control panel, and a series of brands, and measured the percentage of the control group that visited the advertiser’s website without seeing any advertising, and then looked at the test group, and measured the same.

Looking at the video campaign, as this is a video advertising blog, if the test group were exposed to video advertising between 1-5 times it resulted in a 3.3% uplift in visits to the advertiser’s website, without clicking on any advertising.

Straight display advertising achieved a 1.2% uplift in visits, if the consumer was exposed between 1-5 times.

What’s interesting is that video is a clear winner when measuring 1-5 exposures, but when you look at 6-9 exposures the percentage uplift dropped for video to 2.9% and increased for display to 2.4%

Looking at 10+ exposures the uplifts were 4.3% for video and 3.8% for display.

This is great news for the industry, as it will no doubt help convince marketers that online brand advertising can increase awareness and spark the quest to find more information, even if users don’t chose to click as soon as they see the advertising.

It also looks as if our packages at the Telegraph that offer a mixture of video and display creative are along the right track to deliver immediate uplift, as well as slow burn uplift.

Great news!

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