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More funny branded content in 2011 please!

I have dabbled in branded content for a few years now, but it seems to me that 2010 was the biggest year that branded content has seen.

Of all the branded content that’s out there I have particularly enjoyed the video content that makes us laugh, and I really hope that we see more if it in 2011. For me, if you can weave your brand into funny content then you have struck gold, because the viewers will share it and generate more users that cost you nothing!

The campaigns that stand out for me are the excellent campaigns that Foster’s ran with Alan Partridge, the Nigel & Victoria mini web series created by Phillips and the Tippex campaign on YouTube with the hunter and the bear.

They all tapped into our funny bone, and created views as a result, and a decent number of views in the case of the Foster’s & Tippex campaigns.  Last time I checked, each episode of the Alan Partridge series had 150,000 plays on YouTube alone, and the Tippex campaign had over 13.5m views!

So my Christmas wish for branded content is that more brands are bold enough to invest in content that makes us laugh.

May I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


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Fantastic ad campaign by Tippex on YouTube

I absolutely love this campaign!

It’s the second super-interactive campaign that I have seen on YouTube in as many months.


Make sure you watch and interact, it is well worth it.

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