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The growth of mobile stats [video]

Some interesting fact and figures on the growth of mobile from Sybase, a SAP company.


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Fosters video content with Alan Partridge (Ah ha!)

Alan Partridge is back thanks to a clever piece of video advertising by Foster’s.

The twelve part series of  Mid Morning Matters will be available for people to watch on Fostersfunny.co.uk or YouTube, oh and this very blog 🙂

I love the way that brands are starting to align themselves with bespoke online only video; it makes a lot of sense to me. Create some funny content, make it easy to find online and online consumers will spread the content through email and social media links, and the brands message clearly reaches a larger audience as a result.

Phillips recently commissioned the Nigel & Victoria series; the Royal Opera House produced Danny Knows Best and now Foster’s are getting involved with Alan Partridge.

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Royal Opera House; fantastic use of video!

This is such an unexpected and clever way to use video.

The Royal Opera House have commissioned a web series, shot in the style of Jerry Springer called Danny Knows Best.

The guests on the show have their usual sorry tales to tell, but when you are lured by the chance to watch the uncensored version it takes you to the Royal Opera House site, and explains that the theme tune from Danny Knows Best is actually La donna è mobile from Rigoletto and that the stories on the chat show spoof are actually the stories from Opera.

What a wonderful way to make the opera feel more relevant to a wider audience.


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Branded apps v sponsored apps; which should you choose?

As a brand, the first questions that I believe you should ask before getting involved in the exciting world of app development are as follows. You need to be really hard on yourself, and really try to take off your rose-tinted brand spectacles before answering these questions as well …

1. Why would anybody download this app in the first place?

2. Once downloaded, why would they use it regularly?

With hype, competitions, or good promotions I believe that you can get people to download an app if it sounds interesting, useful or fun. I think in the main that brands are quite good at this first step, but it is when you need those consumers that downloaded the app to continue to interact that it becomes more difficult. So many apps are downloaded and hardly ever used again because once you’ve seen the content there is no real reason to go back.

The Telegraph News app for instance answers those two questions as follows. Why would people download this app in the first place? Answer, because it offers quality Telegraph content with a superior user-interface, and it’s free.

Once downloaded, why would anybody use it regularly? Answer, because Telegraph.co.uk has something updated on their site every two minutes. The Telegraph app is constantly updated with the very latest news, sport, business, technology, fashion etc. There is always a real reason for consumers to come back, which is why we are growing our base of active unique users by about 20,000 people a month. It is consistently useful and interesting.

If you feel as a brand that you can produce a great app, with some cool content in it, you will probably do a good job at getting over the first hurdle of getting it downloaded. It that app isn’t updated, or consistently useful like the Google app or the National Rail app, you are likely to find that at best it will sit unused on people’s phones or at worst will be deleted.

That is why sponsorship of an existing app, with an existing audience, may well be the best way to go. It takes the risk out of the project. You can buy a high level of exposure, which gets in front of a proven audience, and it is a fair bit cheaper than creating a new app from scratch.

If you have any views, thoughts or case studies please join the conversation by leaving a comment below.

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Mark Challinor to join TMG

From Mediaweek.co.uk:

Telegraph Media Group appoints first director of mobile

Telegraph Media Group (TMG) has appointed former Associated executive Mark Challinor as its first director of mobile.

Mark Challinor: joins TMG as director of mobile
Mark Challinor: joins TMG as director of mobile

From July, Challinor will work across the company and be responsible for delivering a revenue stream for the Telegraph’s mobile offering.

He will focus on reader and advertiser interactions, database opportunities, content distribution and new revenue-generating opportunities.

The mass adoption of smart phones such as the iPhone and BlackBerry is fuelling new opportunities surrounding mobile phones.

In the UK alone, mobile advertising spend is expected to experience near 40% compound growth this year and increase from $111m in 2009 to $524m in 2014, according to the latest PwC forecast.

Challinor will report to Steve McLaughlin, executive director of Consumer Revenues at TMG.

McLaughlin said: “He brings more than 20 years’ newspaper experience to the role, including two years as European president of the Independent Newspaper Marketing Association, between 2004 and 2006.”

McLaughlin called the experienced press marketer “a great asset” and stressed: “TMG’s mobile offering goes from strength to strength. Our World Cup app, for example, has had over 300,000 downloads.”

Prior to starting his own consultancy business in 2006, Challinor was group promotional marketing manager at Associated.

During the 1990s, he also held a number of commercial roles at Trinity Mirror. He has also worked as a consultant with The Times of India, Sydney Morning Herald and the American Marketing Association.


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Heineken – Men with Talent ad (video)

I like this …

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Nike World Cup ad over 7m hits in 8 days

Nike do it again, or should I say Just Do It again. (see what I did there?)

Of all the World Cup ads I’ve seen to date this is the best by far, and it has alread amassed over 7m plays on YouTube since 17 May. Wow.

In other news, ITV redressed the Nike/Adidas ‘pissed off’ balance by missing the final 6 seconds of this epic Nike advertisement. The broadcaster famously managed to cut away from an FA Cup match in extra time between Liverpool and Everton, as Adidas athlete Dan Gosling scored the winner; the only goal of the game.

Now, Nike have been subjected to the same ‘technical difficulties’ :o)

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