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T-Mobile Parking Ticket

T-Mobile have done it again with another highly entertaining piece of video!

I came across this within an expandable super-banner on the front page of YouTube.com. I launched it and wanted to share it with the world which is where this campaign fell down a bit for me, because although it was in a YouTube player and on YouTube.com (albeit within an ad-unit) I couldn’t find a way to share it directly out of the advert.

I went to the trouble of searching for it afterwards because I work in online & mobile video, but how many sharing opportunities were lost from the casual viewer? I’d say a fair few, and it’s ironic really consider T-Mobile tell us that ‘Life’s for sharing’

Great video though, really enjoyed it!


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Fantastic ad campaign by Tippex on YouTube

I absolutely love this campaign!

It’s the second super-interactive campaign that I have seen on YouTube in as many months.


Make sure you watch and interact, it is well worth it.

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The iPhone 4 is video-tastic baby!

Imagine you’re at a party. Your iPhone 4 shoots 720 HD video, and you are shooting everything baby. I mean, everything. Then, in the taxi on the way home you edit out the bits that will cause the most embarrassment to the party’s guests (saving those clips for potential future bribe material) and then the finished video is uploaded onto Facebook before your head hits the pillow.

Sites like Facebook and YouTube had better make sure their servers have space. Lot’s of space. This handset is going to turn serial photographers into videographers very quickly.

The iPhone 4 also offers consumers what looked like very good quality video calling, which may or may not take off. Video calling has been available for a while, and hasn’t taken off, but if the networks can speed up sufficiently and handsets can offer a good user experience then who knows where this could take us?

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Conservative party take over YouTube for the day

Today is the big one. It’s being hailed as the closest election since 1974, and the Convservative have attempted to reach the countries youth today by taking over the home page of YouTube.

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Make your own Doritoes TV advert!

I was happily watching stunning HD on Vimeo.com and I was served an MPU ad from Doritos.co.uk. In a twist from the norm, the ad was inviting me to make an advert for Doritoes, which I would imagine as a campaign did very well on Vimeo.com

I looked into it, I’ll be honest, but my videography skills are still in their infancy and so I gave it a miss.

I love the idea though. A great way to get wannabe film directors and camera guys involved, which will in turn engage with their followers, friends and family on social media sites and sites such as Vimeo and YouTube.

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Great example of branded content with Dom Joly and Volvo

Volvo wanted to communicate the fuel efficiency of the Volvo v70, and I think Channel Flip have put together a really nice solution that sees Dom Joly and Rufus Hound ‘attempt’ to take the car from Marlow to Milan on one tank of petrol.

It’s a really interesting way to communicate what is a fairly dry subject.

I think branded content has to play a far bigger role in the evolution of the web. With publishers and broadcasters looking for ways to better monetise their sites, and advertisers looking for non-disruptive ways to engage the huge audiences that can be found on these sites, then surely branded content is a win-win situation.

At TMG we have run several successful branded content campaigns, and I am really keen to work on more this year. They allow us to create interesting content, that also communicates the brands message, with no need to use disruptive advertising formats like pre-roll.

If anyone else has examples of great branded content, please post the link in the comments box below.

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Branded content; the future of video communications

I think that as long as your brand can tell a story that adds value to the consumer while extolling the virtues of your brand then you should make branded content core to your marketing plans. Almost all other forms of communication are around other people’s content, whereas with branded video you ARE the content.

So, if you’re BMW with the Story of Joy then maybe make an online video series that sees the presenter show consumers around some of the most joyous places in the British Isles, in a BMW of course.

If you’re a rice brand, then show people how to make perfect rice using your brand like Tilda and Media Contacts have just launched on AOL – http://tinyurl.com/yzzkbnq The one thing I would say about this campaign though, is that I couldn’t find it on YouTube which is far from ideal.

There is a useful, interesting story for almost any brand to tell, and if you start with the consumer in mind, you can make that branded video content appear in their search results. “How do I make perfect Rice” in Google for instance could yield a result that includes the Tilda Rice example. “Great days out in England” could be how consumers find the BMW content. Look at sites like Videojug.com – they make a business out of answering peoples search queries with video answers.

YouTube gives everyone a massive opportunity to distribute inexpensive video content, that offers value to the consumer while educating them about your product or service.

I have worked on dozens of branded content deals at the Telegraph, and whenever there is market research carried out alongside the campaign, we have found a positive uplift in consideration and awareness.

So in order to make your branded content work, I would humbly suggest the following pointers which are born out of my experience in this field to date:

  1. Make it about what the consumer wants first, and about your brand second
  2. Make it short and sweet – 3-5 minutes is long enough in most cases
  3. Agree a distribution deal with a relevant partner site, but always put it on YouTube as well
  4. Search for and contact all relevant bloggers, and offer them your content
  5. Point to your content in other communications

Branded content can be inexpensive to produce when compared to TV advertising, and the engagement is nearly always higher when a consumer spends 3-5 minutes with your brands as opposed to 30 seconds with a TV spot.

I think that branded content will play a huge part in the future of online video, as it enables the publisher a much needed revenue stream and the advertiser the chance to have longer, deeper conversations with their customers.

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